One Year Later_ Opium Atelier//BustProject

Last year around this time i was invited to take part in the residency of Opium Atelier by NPO Radio4. I t was during this residency that i started on my 100 Busts Project. In which (suprise supsrise) I want to make 100 Busts to see how they change over time. This change can be in the physical appearance of the work, the Quality of the work, My thoughts on the work or something completely different.

So what can i tell you about this project right now?

One year later i have made 42 busts. It has been wonderfully dreadful. With the first busts it was not that hard to come up with ideas, but the more i made the harder it got. I have strained away from my original interpretation of what i call a bust. I have had to let go of many of my preconceptions. I have had to accept that i don’t have an unlimited strain of good ideas going through my mind, and that i also have to make the “bad” ideas. Most of the times these ideas actually become some of my best work because i have not had it filtered  through my own prejudgements.

With 58 busts still to create i can only wonder about what other changes this project is going to go through. I am dreadfully excited!

You can follow my progress HERE

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