Just two more weeks!

The moment is there, the build up has begun!

In just two weeks we shall open the doors for our finals exhibition. Right now we are working hard to make it a great show.

I would love to see you there

ArtEZ BEAR Finals 2019

Meet the graduates!

BEAR Artez Finals 2019 – Fourth Wall
3 – 7 July
oude Kraan 26, Arnhem

The Graduates of 2019
Aisi Rosa Schuur, Alexander Beaujon, Anneke Fidder, Bram Groeneveld, Derk Müller, Dionne van Dun, Harriet Caldwell, Hester Haarsma, Hester Louter, Jakob van Klinken, Janna van Welsem, Jessica Tiemessen, Jonne de Groot, Judith Willemsen, Koen Kievits, Liedeke Taen, Lotte Kwee, Marcella de Wolff, Marinda Jansen, Melanie Maria, Swaeny Nina Kersaan, Nora Welgraven, Stephanie Engelbrecht

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Artistic Research

Last week i passed my final assessment for artistic research. in my research i looked into the following presumption ” I think Art can show the inner world of the human and i think it can make life bearable with the use of humour and confusion

Our last assessment took place in the form of a Theory festival, for this occasion i decided to step out of my comfort-zone and do a performance in which i posed as my own sculptures for 10 minutes.

Photography: Koen Kievits